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How Wind Power Works

How #WindPower Works : When you talk about modern wind #turbines, you're looking at two primary designs: horizontal-axis and vertical-axis. Vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs) are pretty rare. The only one currently in commercial production is the Darrieus turbine, which looks kind of like an egg beater.

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Darrieus type wind turbine

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Darrieus Wind Turbine

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savonius wind turbine - Google-haku Eräs mitoitusehdotus Savoniukselle Unfortunately, Savonius wind turbines typically only have an efficiency of around 15% - i.e. just 15% of the wind energy hitting the rotor is turned into rotational mechanical energy. (This is much less than can be achieved with a Darrieus wind turbine which uses lift rather than drag.)

Modern wind turbines with vertical axes, such as the Darrieus rotor ...

DIY Wind Turbines, savonius, DIY water wheels, Darrieus wind turbine, coriolis force, Turby concept, Warp turbine, laddermill

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SKWID harnesses the power of both the wind and the tide By Ben Coxworth May 17, 2013 A diagram of the features of SKWID

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