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Fuliginous - sooty. Origin Fuliginous can be traced to the Latin fūlīginōsus meaning "full of soot," with fūlīgō, "soot," as its root. It entered English in the mid-1500s.


Some of us doesn't know how beautiful darkness is. Bare in mind if there's no dark there will be no light. In some sense, darkness portrays evil. In deeper aspect, it portray sadness specially to a girl who live a shit life. She's alone so be with her all the time.


Because if we learn to see the beauty in our shadows, we learn how to see the beauty of others through theirs. This makes us less judgemental, less mean, less intolerant, and more forgiving, more loving, and more compassionate. It is in the midst of your greatest pain, your depression, and the days where you wish you were dead that it is most important to take two steps back and say to yourself "I love you no matter what". Art by @wondergroundarts #love #dark #pain #poetry #loveyourself…