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Fraam armor set doesn't really stand out to me it looks awesome but stats are lacking

Dragon-slayer-Ornstein-DS-персонажи-Dark-Souls-фэндомы-3443486.jpeg (1132×1498)

2 classic and memorable bosses within the original dark souls game, this boss fight includes 2 enemies at once and a second phase.

This is an armor set from dark souls. And to me it represent the game that has…

This papercraft is the Elite Knight Set, a medium armor set in the action role-playing video game Dark Souls, the paper model is created by Replica.

Fresh character design...looks dangerous.

Where to start on this pieces? Looks like some kind of mechanical golem or animated armor. Shiva of the East, Dark Souls Design Works

Ornstien Early Concept

This was a concept for the Dark Souls Boss, Ornstein. The armor used on this boss almost looks flakey, but somehow still looks strong, and the monotone colours are something I am looking to use within my work.

Outrider Knight Armor Set | Dark Souls 3 Wiki

Outrider Knight Armor Set | Dark Souls 3 Wiki


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