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Quesolola=v=采集到【FreE StyLe】anime girl clothes fashion gyaru kawaii girl

A veces, lo último que queda es un vacío oscuro y voraz que te obliga a saciarlo.

Goth raised as a boy girl character

Axe Crazed Annie | Creepypasta OC Age: 16  DOB: March 21st Name: Annie Darling

Mayu, the first yandere Vocaloid

Chỉ vậy thôi.....

DIE on

The rose slowly falls apart as a relationship moves more and more away from each other

Zatsune Miku Monochrome Anime (Creepy Beauty Art)

Two Breaths Walking Zatsune Miku

Untitled by 404 Not Found 
 ※ Permission to upload this was given by the artist

Anime Girl Wearing Pigtails and a Gas Mask

Commission:  Aeris by on @DeviantArt

Cell shading commission + background from her OC Aeris Naera Kasio. -------- Art by me, using Paintool SAI, Photoshop and.

Horror anime... Idk about you but I love this

Dark pretty little things

Huh...doesn't seem too cold to wear this...*moves a piece of my hair out of the way* Wonder if anyone can see my wings...

A girl who lost her hope because she believed in a lieing world.


girl, gore, and pastel image