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The American Dragon. No way... I knew Dante Basco voiced Jake but... So does this mean for a portion of my life I shipped Zutara???? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

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Promised I would do something special for Zutara... • Dante Basco. DANTE BASCO. WEARING A ZUTARA SHIRT. I CAN'T.

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Dante Basco | Actor (Hook), Voice (Last Airbender), Dancer (Take the Lead)

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She should have played it off cool. "Okay One grande, white mocha, with a side of honor. Anything else Prince Zuko?"

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Dante Basco Picture

EXACTLY! Everyone knows Avatar is about the progression of Zuko's hair! But seriously, though, this is only one of the problems with That Abomination Known to Some as the Film.

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