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Dank Meaning

GOooOOoooOOD MORNING! Loosely translated, "Jetzt säuft er wieder gott sei dank." means "Now he drinks again God be thanks." {Thanks Babelfish!} #dachshund #coffee #german

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What 'Lit' Means Once and For All

I mean, personally I prefer joints, but whatever does it for ya. 😂💨 If you DO need a new piece, there's the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale on now! Instant 30% off products storewide! #grasscity #MJ #maryjane #marijuana #cannabis #cannabisdestiny #cannabiscommunity #smokeweed #smokeweedeveryday #iloveweed #weedlife #nugs #nug #dank #stonergirls #stonerdays #stoner #stonerlife #stonerlifestyle #420 #420friendly #420life #420lifestyle #bong #dank #weednation #bongrips #highlife…

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Unsere Haare sind etwas heller unsere Nasenspitzen etwas gebräunter als vor 88 Tagen - und ich zögere dieses Bild zu teilen weil das heißt dass unser Rückblick auf unsere Reise nun auch schon wieder vorbei ist. Das hier war an Tag 88 - und wir haben zurück geblickt auf eine Wahnsinnsreise. Vielen Dank fürs Folgen von @francy_knipst und mir. Our hair had become a little blonder our noses a little more tanned than they had been 88 days before. I am reluctant to post this image because it…

// Have you ever wondered how amazing it is that a water lily doesn’t grow in a pure mountain lake but in murky, muddy and dank pond water? 🌸 The choice is to get stuck in the mud or to use it as nourishment; to find a deeper acceptance for things just as they are. 🌿 Our ability to use the mud as our means for growth will determine the strength of our plant, for the stem of the lily symbolises our intention—a pledge to our sanity, to our awakening.

Memes are just those funny pictures on the internet, right? INCORRECT. “Meme” originally had a much more serious meaning. Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and meme-maker extraordinaire, first used the term in 1976 and defined it as something that "represents ideas, behaviors or styles that spread from person to person. It can be a trendy dance, a viral video, a new fashion, a technological tool or a catchphrase. Like viruses, memes arise, spread, mutate and die." He then posted…