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Dank Meaning

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus

Emotions of Colour - humans often attach symbolic meaning to colour too. This has been used for centuries in art and also in things like advertising in the 20th C.


GOooOOoooOOD MORNING! Loosely translated, "Jetzt säuft er wieder gott sei dank." means "Now he drinks again God be thanks." {Thanks Babelfish!} #dachshund #coffee #german

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What 'Lit' Means Once and For All

What Lit Means Once and for All - Meaning of Lit, Savage, No chill, Curve, Dank, Fire etc #wow #words

I have so much math hw, you know what that means...WHAT TIME IS IT?? PROCRASTINATION


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Lost Coast Skunk Auto Strain Review This version of Lost Coast Skunk is an autoflowering, Sativa/Indica/Rudralis cannabis strain that is the result of crossing  a Lost Coast Skunk with a Ruderalis. Lost Coast Skunk is a strain of real high quality to smoke and is ideal for beginners, as being highly easy to grow means even novices can  obtain a quality... #cannabis #StrainGrade #marijuana #pot #weed #strains #dank


Memes are just those funny pictures on the internet, right? INCORRECT. “Meme” originally had a much more serious meaning. Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and meme-maker extraordinaire, first used the term in 1976 and defined it as something that "represents ideas, behaviors or styles that spread from person to person. It can be a trendy dance, a viral video, a new fashion, a technological tool or a catchphrase. Like viruses, memes arise, spread, mutate and die." He then posted…