Recipe for a traditional, creamy Danish rice pudding dessert with warm cherry sauce, aka Risalamande - Eat Thrive Glow

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Aebleskiver is a Danish treat that is a cross between a doughnut hole and a pancake. We love aebleskiver at Christmas but you can enjoy it ANY time of year!

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Vanilla Glazed Blackberry Danish Braid. Juicy, homemade blackberry preserves over a bed of sweet cream cheese, all wrapped up in a buttery, flakey dough. Absolutely amazing for breakfast or as a dessert!

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The word Ebelskiver is Danish for apple slices, but the meaning is a dessert or snack similar to a pancake, but with a flakier texture and round shape.

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Danish Apple Cake Recipe ~ A tender yellow cake with a delicious cinnamon apple topping, that's also scattered all through the cake

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PHILADELPHIA-Cherry Danish Dessert – Skip the line at the bakeshop and make these scrumptious PHILADELPHIA-Cherry Danish Dessert squares at home. Bonus, recipe prep time is just 15 minutes.

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The musthave Danish dessert served on Christmas Eve: almond-rice pudding with warm cherry sauce. Whoever gets the one whole almond, hidden in the pudding, receive a gift.

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