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(Fc Danielle Campbell) I sir in my wheelchair and smile "Hi! I'm Dani. I'm single. My step brother is Crawford! My best friend is Shawn. I'm into art and writing. I'm in the process of getting a book published!" Giggles excitedly "Oh! By the way, I'm in the wheelchair because... Reasons. I don't want to talk about it. I'll tell you this, I'm paralyzed from my waist down. Come say hi!"

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"Remember that time when we took an oath to go to Paris together before we die?" "And you threatened you kill me yourself if I didn't agree? Yeah I remember." "Thanks, Abel. For always being there. Right by my side." He bit his tongue to stop himself from telling her everything. Right there and then. It was just 8 letters. "What are for friends for?" He smiled.

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Im done. Im sorry i cant be perfect enough. Yes i admit i did but i all admit i totally regret it. Guys... im leaving for a while... well... for a couple 2-3 weeks maybe ... ill be back or try to be back on christmas day... all the presents are in Luke and i's house in the closet if you want them. Ill be back in a bit i just really need a break and... need to just remind myself i will never be good enough for anyone and i will always always be making mistakes. -Bray

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