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from Salon

Daniel Tosh and rape jokes: Still not funny

Daniel Tosh - Holy wrong, Batman. Tosh is so wrong, he's right. I love his brutal honesty and sarcasm. If you've ever seen his show, you know that he is ABSOLUTELY FEARLESS. He is so zoned in and comfortable with himself and his humor that it makes stick-in-the-muds uncomfortable. I cannot watch Tosh and not laugh (another pawn on my chess board of all time favorite comedians)

from CNN

If you don't want to hear an edgy joke, don't listen -

Gilbert Gottfried says if you don't think Daniel Tosh's jokes are funny, don't listen and don't go to his shows.

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Daniel Tosh Apologizes For Rape Joke Aimed At Female Audience Member At Laugh Factory

from The Hollywood Gossip

Daniel Tosh Rape Joke Results in Uproar, Apology

Amazing Daniel Tosh Rape Joke Results in Uproar, Apology - The Hollywood Gossip photo