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If you teach about air pressure, this lesson is a must read! The kids will love it and learn tons! Bring Daniel Bernoulli into your class today!


Daniel Bernoulli (Groningen, 29 January 1700 – Basel, 17 March 1782) was a Swiss mathematician and was one of the many prominent mathematicians in the Bernoulli family. He is particularly remembered for his applications of mathematics to mechanics, especially fluid mechanics, and for his pioneering work in probability and statistics. Bernoulli's work is still studied at length by many schools of science throughout the world.


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I think I spent almost two months just working on this. Excluding the time not working on this piece, it probably would have taken me about a month if I went at it non-stop. But now it's all finished. Here are the mathematicians featured in this picture: Gauss , Newton , Archimedes , Euler ,…


Daniel Bernoulli: Daniel Bernoulli: mathematician and physicist particularly remembered for Bernoulli's principle, which describes the mathematics of the carburetor and the airplane wing

Filth Wizardry: Air traveling at speed has a lower pressure than stationary air. This wee bit of fluid dynamics results in a lot of interesting, fun and useful things.