Dangerous Minds (1995): My Educational Psychology instructor at UNCW had our class watch several "teacher" movies and analyze the pedagogy evidenced in the film. (Yes, we had to write a paper on it!) This was a class favorite, along with Stand and Deliver (1988), and Lean on Me (1989). Freedom Writers (2007) would be a great addition to the exceptional-educator example canon! ~M

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Dangerous Minds (1995) is an American drama film based on the autobiography My Posse Don't Do Homework by former U.S. Marine LouAnne Johnson, who took up a teaching position at Carlmont High School in Belmont, California, where most of her students were African-American and Hispanic teenagers from East Palo Alto, a then-unincorporated town at the opposite end of the school district.

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In October Rizzoli will be republishing what is regarded by many to be the strangest book in the world, the Codex Seraphinianus. The Codex is unlike other historically well-known strange books (such as the Voynich Manuscript), in that the author of the book is not only known (Luigi Serafini is his name), he’s still alive.

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Demonic and dramatic handmade masks of dragons, owls and horned demons | Dangerous Minds

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http://dangerousminds.net/comments/beyond_good_evil_the_pop_groups_mark_stewart_the_dangerous_minds_interview?utm_source=Dangerous Minds newsletter

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