'He'd given me a picture he'd done of a dandelion. It was a lovely picture. I didn't know what the dandelion meant to him but I knew what he was saying. He was saying. He was saying that he still loved me, even though...'

DandelionDandelion - “Lion’s tooth” From Middle French “dent de lion”, literally “s tooth” (from its toothed leaves)

Dandelion Painting on Canvas - Crafts by Amanda

Dandelion Painting on Canvas

Gray and White Dandelion Painting by TidbitsofImagination on Etsy, $40.00

Simple and Versatile Dandelion Painting Set of 8 in x 10 in Canvas Acrylic Painting Total Size: 16 in x 20 in Fully Varnished * If

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I ❤️ this--- wish I had the space to paint -Dandelion Soft Breeze