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poster of Dan and Phil in a Photo Booth! Taken in an actual photo booth which resulted in a long line of people waiting behind us and some awkward curtain sh

So I was rewatching the Halloween baking video of the brownie graveyard, and Phil brought out the jelly ghosts. Dan puts one on the brownies and says "This one's Snape. Sorry all you Harry Potter fans out there." EXCEPT ALAN RICKMAN IS DEAD NOW!!!!! IM CRAFTING SO HARD. (Alan Rickman is the guy who played Snape in the Harry Potter movies.) ~Amber Blair

Are you Danisnotonfire or AmazingPhil? Ultimate questionare.

Phil Lester and Dan Howell Pillowcases Custom Two Sides Cool Comfortable Pillow Case

Dan and Phil. My best friends, you always make me smile no matter how sad I am so thank you and I love you and you're my best friends even though I haven't met you. Yet xxx

My two favorite dan and phil moments both happen in the first amazing dan…

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dan and phil cat whiskers>>> new home screen

black poster featuring silhouettes of Dan and Phil ready to go on a v. Don& worry, the Japanese text definitely says & and Phil& Pr

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One of the pics from the new poster on the Dan and Phil shop

Dan & Phil Part Gator Girls Gone Wild : Daniel Howell & AmazingPhil - Page 11

Dan and Phil The Cat Whiskers Come From Within poster

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If I had an iphone this would be my background

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I just through threw my phone from fangirling to hard. Look at his face.