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11/16/2016 - Students at one of DISD’s existing collegiate academies, Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy. [Photo: DISD]

Benitoite, Dallas Gem Mine, San Benito County, California, Thumbnail, 1.9 x 1.9 x 1.1 cm, A sharp benitoite crystal on just the right amount of sparing matrix., For sale from The Arkenstone, For more details on this piece and others, visit


Former Dallas County Courthouse (1892) Dallas, Texas - now the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture


Old Red Courthouse, Dallas, Texas, now Museum of Dallas County History Culture, Dallas, Texas - Built in 1892, it serves as a symbol of Dallas heritage. The beautifully restored Old Red Courthouse contains some of Dallas County’s most fascinating historical artifacts.