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Junior has never been a stranger to the racing circuit, captured here as a six-year-old atop a camper at the 1981 Richmond 400. Photo: Dozier Mobley/Getty Images

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Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Rest in paradise. Greatest driver to ever get behind the wheel! NASCAR misses you!!!

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Dale Earnhardt Sr. (April 29, 1951 - February 18, 2001) Only one of two NASCAR drivers I respect, him and Richard Petty.

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Ralph Earnhardt, Latane Brown, & Dale Earnhardt | At age 17, Earnhardt married his first wife, Latane Brown, in 1968. Brown gave birth to Earnhardt's first son, Kerry Earnhardt, in 1969. They were subsequently divorced in 1970.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. through the years: Tuesday, July 19, 2016 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. was a fixture at NASCAR tracks long before he started to drive. We look at Junior through the years on and off the track. 1981: Here young Dale Jr. stands atop a camper at Richmond International Raceway as his father, Dale Earnhardt, competes. - Photo Credit: Dozier Mobley/1981 Dozier Mobley

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Dale and Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the same age. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has always had a softer look than his late father but the resemblance is clear in these elementary school pictures. (Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library)

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