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Daisy Buchanan costume inspiration? #classy I love the Great Gatsby, now I just need to find myself a Leonardo Dicaprio :)

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Party Dresses

this dress is perfect for laying out in the sun watching the clouds go by


Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby


Easy, Cheap DIY Halloween Costume: Daisy Buchanan from "The Great Gatsby." Tease and curl your hair. Fold it under a bold headband. Choose a muted-colored dress- the lacier, the better! And pile on as many pearls as possible. With sparkly bracelets, bold lips, and some false lashes, you’re ready for, “Gatsby? What Gatsby?"

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Daisy Buchanan - The Great Gatsby

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This is a 1920s-esque flapper dress that would have been featured in Gatsby's era. According to the novel, Daisy often wore white clothing. The above picture is an example of something that she would wear.

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Which "Great Gatsby" Character Are You?

In "The Great Gatsby", Daisy wears this diamond headband during one of Gatsby's parties. The costume designers for the film went through the 1920's Tiffany's archives, and re-constructed this.


fictional style: The Great Gatsby's Daisy Buchanan <3


Here's some fun 1920's Halloween costume ideas. If you're having a 1920's themed Halloween Party, these are perfect! Or you just want to dress up as Daisy Buchanan? Here are five Great Gatsby costumes for you and your friends!

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Are The Expectations of The Great Gatsby Fashion Bigger than the Actual Movie?

Image 3 This film is a very glamorous film and a film I have chosen to explore as I think the theme and the makeup and costume would fit with my design and allow me to be more creative in glamour makeup