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The commercial was shot with Taiwanese actress Kirsten Jen. She is a smart talent, focusing on her job and performing when shooting. We shoot in a studio re-modified from a old house. Agency/ Target Group PRODUCTION/ DaDa Film Production DIRECTOR/ Howard Chen CINEMATOGRAPHER/ Yu Yu Tang CAMERA/ RED Weapon CREW/ 40 people COLOR GRADING/ BMD DaVinCi Resolve @ Timeline Studio SHOOTING LOCATION/ CHILL ROOF STUDIO @ Beitou, Taiwan SHOOTING DATE/ Sep, 2016

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Exclusive First Look: See Jake Johnson in The Pretty One

Jake Johnson and Zoe Kazan costar. Source: DADA Films


THE PRETTY ONE, Zoe Kazan, 2013. ph: Erica Parise/©Dada Films


THE PRETTY ONE, from left: Zoe Kazan, Jake Johnson, 2013. ph: Erica Parise/©Dada Films


Marcel Duchamp - Anemic Cinema, 1926, Dada Film, French, Ready made meets pioneer art cinema


Ballet Mecanique (Charlot presente le ballet mecanique, 1924) | A purely Dada film of chaotic juxtopositions. | Cinematography by by Man Ray under Fernand Leger & Dudley Murphy's direction.


yati octavia telanjang dada #film #indonesia #klasik


1928 Dadaist Film by Director Hans Richter. This film is dedicated to Columbus Ohio Street Performer Th' Rocknroll Reverend, who on the night of March 1st 2011 during a performance on the corners of 5th and High Streets, was beaten by two unknown assailants who were instructed by a young man and his overweight "Trick" to beat him. Th' Rev then m...


Hans Richter, dadaist film, Ghost before breakfast, Vormittagsspuk (1927) Sound by Dithernoise

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The Girl With The Pre-Fabricated Heart

My favorite scene from Dreams That Money Can Buy, a 1947 experimental movie by surrealist artist and Dada film-theorist Hans Richter. This segment was written and directed by Fernand Léger. Slightly edited for your viewing pleasure. Song Lyrics: John Latouche Sung by: Libby Holman & Josh White