D. B. Cooper is the name used to refer to an unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in the airspace between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington on November 24, 1971. He extorted $200,000 in ransom and parachuted to an uncertain fate. Despite an extensive manhunt and an exhaustive (and ongoing) FBI investigation, the perpetrator has never been located or positively identified. The case remains the only unsolved air piracy in American aviation history.

D.Cooper AKA Dan Cooper A 1972 F. composite drawing of D. Cooper Other names Dan Cooper Occupation Unknown Known for Hijacking a Boeing 727 on November and parachuting from the plane mid-flight; has never been positively identified or captured.

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D. B. Cooper - Wikipedia

D. B. Cooper - Wikipedia

A 1972 FBI composite drawing of D. B. Cooper

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