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"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." George Bernard Shaw

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Yue Minjun — contemporary Chinese artist. Movement: Cynical Realism. { i see immediately humorous and sympathetic in his artworks } btw the artworks illustrate mostly his laughing face. :D

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” Beijing-based Yue Minjun is one of the most important artists of the Chinese avant garde movement, Cynical Realism. Minjun's work is characterized by a signature laughing figure which serves as a portrait of the artist. Upon greater inspection the smiling faces contain fear, animosity, and a sense of discomfort that is a product of facing reality in contemporary times.”

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… It’s All In Our Mind – The LIGHT BRINGERS – Eliminating The Illuminators

Aldous Huxley quote on cynical realism

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Alex Gross: Future Tense

Alex Gross: "Future Tense" ...the super consumer... There is something better and more lasting....

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Link to YUE MINJUN – Art Democracy´s Chinese Week / YUE MINJUN is one of the most important Beijing-based artists of the Chinese avant garde. He is part of the key movement of the post-1989 era in Chinese avant garde art – Cynical Realism. Cynical Realism developed in the aftermath of the events of 1989.

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