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"Commit to the situation at hand by digging in. Wiggle through the tight spaces and investigate. The whole mansion is yours to explore so let your whiskers dust every surface. Ironically, the more specific we can get about something, the more universal our discoveries become."

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Cute mouse, field mouse, mouse and wheat, English mouse, mouse, mice, John Gooday, photo of the day, photobotos

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You Have Not Known True Beauty Until You've Seen A Baby Mouse Eat A Flower

I remember a mouse trying to get warm in my covers when living in a farmhouse. Sadly, I didn't want to share.

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Let's face it...they are just cute little critters (but more than happy for them to stay on the farm!)

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Pick: Cute Mouse Pic Of The Day

I want DarkStream to lead a patrol. You may take WolfClaw, WhiteFur, TawnyShade, SorrelClaw, MistyFur and WhitePaw with you.

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"Dormice are an endangered species and mainly found in the southern counties of Britain. They can spend up to three quarters of their life asleep!"

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Not a really a fan of rodents but this is such a cute picture. Little guy (girl?) looks so happy to have reached the top :)

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