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Meet Goliath, the Adorable Calf That Thinks He's a Dog

The heartwarming story behind this rescued drop calf will brighten up your day.

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"Local dairy farm posted a picture of their newest baby cow. This is how they kept her warm." -thehappyninja

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God makes amazing things!! Look how Beautiful this creature is. Not only are cows beautiful, but they are the sweetest loving animals!!❤️ -tan

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cows are highly emotional creatures who can identify over 100 other cows from their heard.

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This is a beautiful miniature Jersey cow. This is on my Christmas wishlist :)

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A cuddly Scottish Cow

Calling Happy Hens And Highlands Farm home, these adorable bovine bundles of fluff might not immediately strike you as your typical cute animal. But after seeing some of these darling heifers, you'll be in love.

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