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Roses Are Red. I'm Going to Bed. | T-Shirt

Roses Are Red. I'm Going to Bed. | T-Shirt | Front


Off The Cuff...from a Shirt-Maker's Studio: TUTORIAL: The Shirt-Sleeve Placket - a Professional "Custom Shirtmaking" Method and Pattern


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Cool pattern but hard color to mix. With jeans, eh…with chinos could work. Suit pants will work but have to be plain…maybe dark brown or blue. Still good looking blazer. Really dapper I just started...

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How to Make Money Selling Custom Baby Apparel & Workout Merchandise

This is a test I did last year to see if I could make extra money selling t-shirts online. Here's a commission notification email. I haven't made a ton of money, but I thought it was pretty neat that I could use a free platform to create something to sell online. Give it a try!


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Cuffs is a maker of high-quality, custom dress shirts for men, reinventing the traditional Hong Kong tailor into something fresh, stylish and accessible. #mensware #customclothing


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