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THE AMERICAN GRAFFITI COUPE With its chopped grille, bobbed fenders, and black framerails, the Graffiti '32 coupe will never make a list of Best-Looking Hot Rods. But influential? Nothing beats it. To many Americans (and others the world over), this is the hot rod. It's the one everybody knows. It's also unquestionably the one most duplicated-the world over. -Pat Ganahl (from HOT ROD's 100 hot rods that changed the world)

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Hub of Quality Custom Car Grilles

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This, I do not care for. I need someone to explain steampunk to me, very slowly, like I was a small child. Why aging Punk Rockers that ended up with money somehow, have chosen to invest in looking like they are from a 'future/past' is a mystery to me. That car was listed as Diesel Punk, but I know Steam when I see it.