"...so I put on big boots and coat and went out to do some snow standing. Not since childhood! I had forgot how astounding it is. I went to the middle of a woods. Fir trees, the teachers of this, all around. Minus twenty degrees in the wind but inside the trees is no wind. The world subtracts itself in layers. Outer sounds like traffic and shoveling vanish. Inner sounds become audible, cracks, sighs, caresses, twigs, birdbreath, toenails, and squirrel...The white is is perfectly curved…

Curved toenails can be painful, and a foot issue that can lead to further problems such as ingrown toenails. Curved toenails can happen for a number of reasons, such as improper nail trimming, wearing an improper sized shoe, or excessive stress on the feet due to running, jogging, or walking. Fortunately, relieving curved toenails is …

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Seki Signature Curved Toenail Clipper . Each Seki Edge product represents centuries-old craftsmanship that has been blended with modern technology to create a personal grooming tool that performs brilliantly. http://www.propermoose.com/seki-signature-curved-toenail-clipper $22.95

Tiptop Ingrown Toenail File, D/E by Tiptop. $4.75. Ingrown Toenail File. Double ended, straight & slightly curved tips. Stainless steel Ingrown toenail file, double ended.

5 " HEAVY-DUTY CURVED TOENAIL CLIPPER by ToolUSA. $11.62. Professional Quality. Safety Lock On Handles. Durable Stainless Steel. Double Spring Action. 5 " Heavy-duty Curved Toenail Clipper : (Toolusa) This One Will Cut Through The Thickest Of Nails! 5 1/2" Long With 1" Curved Clipping Portion, This One Is Made For Heavy Duty Use. Spring Action Makes It Semi-automatic And Can Be Safely Locked. Professional Grade Stainless Steel.. Save 26% Off!

Curved Toenail Scissors in Matte Finish by Timor. Made in Solingen, Germany by Timor. $19.95. Solingen, Germany. Material: Stainless SteelFinish: MatteJoint: Screw-JointShape: CurvedSize: 4.13 inch

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