Just had hiccups and thank god I found this, it actually worked unlike the 100 other things I tried

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Body hacks.

Body hacks.

We have quick fixes and easy hacks for all our things at home but we usually lack the ability to tackle little health problems with our body. How do I get rid of that itch in my throat, stop a nose bleed or prevent brain freeze? Given below are 18

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I really hope this works because I get the hiccups like ridiculous. I had them earlier today even. I also hope I can remember the directions! haha

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I did a backflip when I was I little now every time I hic up my back hurts trust me it works

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A hiccup is a sudden, involuntary forced intake of breath. Do you know what causes hiccups? Read our Infographic to find out!

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This worked so well, I have tried 11 different ways to get rid of my hiccups and this was the only one that worked!

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20 Tried & True Hiccup Cures

Those darn hiccups are so pesky and sometimes painful! After polling my FB fans, these are some of their top hiccup cures that they swear by.

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