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IHASCUPQUAKE!!!!!!!!!! I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ her sooooo much. I watch all of her videos. I also watch minecraft enchanted oasis and cloud 9!! She also has a channel called TiffyQuake. It is my DREAM to meet her. I wish she would follow me!! Subscribe to both her channels!!!❤️

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Cupquake ❤ (Tiffy_Quake)

Cupquake ❤ (Tiffy_Quake) This Girl is One of the most best you tubers I have ever watched!

Yes, all true! Ridiculous but completely accurate!

The sims makes the perfect real life simulator. Too bad I play this game too much to know all of these things.

iHasCupquake Fan-art~~~~~~~~ by glaceonpower on DeviantArt

iHasCupquake Fan-art ~ glaceonpower on DeviantArt