I am certain that the philosophy of Ubuntu is entrenched in the DNA of peoples of the African Diaspora around the world. We accept anybody and everybody, regardless of the atrocities that they and theirs have committed against us. We are loving and accepting by nature. In return our culture is raped, our natural resources stolen and when we DO call it what it is and generate an outcry, we are demonized and called a bunch of liars when the TRUTH is plain for ALL TO SEE. This needs to END.

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Personal Development is another value of AXO. Alpha Chi Omega believes in the development of members in their cultural appreciation, the social awareness, and personal presentation.

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this quote is basically describing the fact that we see things the way we want to see them and sometimes we don't even realize it.

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Take control of your mind & Educate yourself. Cesar Chavez, Mexican-American farm worker, later labor leader and activist.

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