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Cuck Meaning

Ed Westwick Photos: Ten Young Stars and the Future of the Best-Dressed List | Style | Vanity Fair


Charles/Carlos IV of Spain by Goya. He served as king from 1788 until his abdication in 1808. He was a well-meaning but thoroughly incompetent king. His weakness set the stage not only for Napoleon's temporary conquest of Spain but also for Spain's weakening hold on its American colonies.


Italian horn: Related to the corno is the mano cornuta or "horned hand." This is…


the key-bunch -- or 'chatelaine' [which significantly means mistress of the chateau, of course] -- is often used by the dominant wife to eat her husband -- this is a detail from a print in the 1628 Frederick van Hiulsen suite preserved uniquely in the Folger -- to which I devote an entire BOARD here -- and SEE PREVIOUS FOR FULL CONTEXT Note that he seems to have gone for the beseeching prayer gesture too -- to no avail

Very strange, I'd say! I mean really.........


This is the cover of my Solutionaries board, it represents that deleting the problems is the true meaning of a solution

Witchy Ännchen, after singing Kommt ein schlanker Bursch gegangen (Comes a pretty boy this path), realizes that she has been cuckolded by Carl and shakes her wand at him, causing him to suffer an explosive flatulence.