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Cry Freedom, 1987: I was very excited to see the film, as it dealt with South Africa, which is a place I don't know much about. I have taken note of the emerging art scene from Johannesburg and Cape Town, so it impressive to see how much South Africa's infrastructure has improved since the film was made. I also loved learning about Biko and Woods, who are both brave, flawed men.


Cry Freedom - wow, just wow. I wanted to move to SAfrica for the longest time to help fight apartheid after seeing this, then realized racism/inequality needs to be fought everywhere.


Cry Freedom (1987) Stars: Denzel Washington, Kevin Kline, Josette Simon, Kevin McNally, Penelope Wilton ~ Director: Richard Attenborough (Nominated for 3 Oscars; 4 Golden Globes)

On September 12, 1977 South African activist Stephen Biko died of injuries from beatings by the police after he had been arrested two weeks earlier. Biko, 30, was leader of the Black Consciousness Movement and had been "banned" (not allowed to speak in public) in 1973 but was still instrumental in planning the Soweto Uprising of 1976 which led to closer police scrutiny. The movie Cry Freedom depicts his life and is based on books by his friend, journalist Donald Woods. #TodayInBlackHistory


When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree by the river of truth and tell the whole world "No, you move." I've always believed that all you need is one man to make a difference, to stand up when others are told to sit down, to speak loudly for those who have no voice and to fight the good fight. As long as freedom may be threatened, Captain America must follow his destiny wherever it may lead. #marvel