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Jack Davenport (I know he has that lovely English accent) BUT he is my Christian Grey....50 Shades of Grey.


Why would police demand evidence from the victime after accusing and charging the defendant ? Why would police proceed with such an intervention without evidence? Why would a meeting with Crown prosecutor leave this victim with a feeling of relief ?


George Ross (May 10, 1730–July 14, 1779), was a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of Pennsylvania. He was admitted to the bar in Philadelphia. Initially a Tory, he served as Crown Prosecutor for 12 years and was elected to the provincial legislature in 1768. There his sympathies began to change and he became a strong supporter of the colonial assemblies in their disputes with Parliament.


John Dillinger On March 3, 1934, Crown Point etched its name forever in the history books as the infamous bank robber and FBI "Public Enemy #1" John Dillinger escaped from the "escape-proof" (as it was dubbed by local authorities at the time) Lake County Jail which was guarded by many police and national guardsmen. Dillinger apparently escaped using a hand-carved wooden gun blackened with shoe polish, although this was disputed by some witnesses.


Dear friends, I just discovered that, on September 20, Jesse Young pled guilty and was sentenced to 6 months in jail and 2 years of probation for animal cruelty. I spoke with the Crown Prosecutor prior to Jesse Young's court date and she was aware of the petition, so thank you to everyone who signed and shared. Although it could have been a harsher sentence, 6 months in jail is better than nothing. Thankfully Asha did not sustain any long-lasting physical injuries. Asha has now been adopted…


JANET KING SERIES 1 & 2. Janet King, a senior crown prosecutor, returns to work after maternity leave to find her workplace even more demanding than when she left. She quickly becomes involved in a high-profile and controversial case, and makes several enemies in her search for the truth.

News Corp throw paid informant Crown Prosecutor Margaret Cunneen under a bus A stick of dynamite was thrown under the Australian legal and political fraternity on Friday (12/2/16) which will be fel…

Crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen. 'The police are bowing': Cunneen phone taps shed light on crime commission decision


BENALLA - CHARGE OF MANSLAUGHTER ON THIS DAY – June 17, 1929 Charged with the manslaughter of John Brown, a labourer of Footscray, at Benalla on June 17 Ernest Walker of Footscray, a labourer, aged 34 years appeared before Mr Justice Wasley in the Criminal Court. Mr Book, Crown prosecutor, appeared for the Crown, and Walker was defended by Mr […]