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Crown Of Thorns Plant Info – How To Grow Crown Of Thorns Indoors

Crown of thorns (poisonous to pets and the sap causes skin irritation) set in window with direct sun hours. Water at dry or dry in winter. Fertilize every monthly in winter. Remove all soil to replant every other year.

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Pruning and Propagating Crown of Thorns Plants

Pruning and Propagating Crown of Thorns Plants Videos | Home & Garden How to's and ideas | Martha Stewart

Here are a few care tips and information about your crown of thorns plant. Euphorbia milii, is a succulent plant in the same family as the poinsettia, the thorns cover stems that ooze latex sap when cut. This is a common characteristic of euphorbias and is not a sign of disease. Use gloves when handling

Crown of Thorns Crown of thorns has long been a favorite houseplant because it bears abundant flowers without much attention. It will be happiest in a bright spot with indirect sunlight. Keep roots moist (but not wet) and let the surface soil dry out before watering again. With enough light, the 3-foot stems can bear tiny red flowers almost all year long.

Crown of Thorns, Christ Plant, Christ Thorn (Euphorbia millii) Native to Madagascar it is suspected that the species was introduced to the Middle East in ancient times, and legend associates it with the crown of thorns worn by Christ.

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How to Grow Crown of Thorns Cuttings

Euphorbia milii, also known as crown of thorns, Christ thorn and the Christ plant, is an ideal decoration at Christmas and Easter. Crown of thorn cuttings also make great gifts--and they're easy to grow.

Crown of Thorns plant is a succulent house plant capable of blooming almost year-round. Find out how to prune, propagate, and get the most flowers.