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Crown Equipment 100462-001 3-1/4" OD x 6-1/2" Width Standard Polyurethane Load Wheel, 95A Durometer, 4500 psi Tensile Strength by Crown Equipment. $23.02. Crown Equipment Standard polyurethane load wheel, durometer: 95A, tensile strength: 4500 psi, measures 3-1/4-inches outside diameter by 6-1/2-inches width.. Save 17% Off!

While running may not be for everyone, the benefits are indisputable. Keep reading to find out just a few more reasons why running could help you not only win the crown but also create a healthier body.


— Crown Equipment refuses to help train deaf forklift drivers Crown Equipment is a forklift truck manufacturer. Their training videos are not captioned. A class support teacher, training the deaf, at a local techical school, asked Crown why their videos are not captioned. Crown replied: Deaf people shouldn’t drive forklifts. Already there are people furious enough to consider legal action against Crown!

from Secrets of the Dead

Escape from Auschwitz

Escape from Auschwitz ~ Watch the Full Episode | Secrets of the Dead | PBS

A Crown Equipment Corporation, uma das maiores empresas do mundo em manuseio de materiais, apresenta a empilhadeira Walkie patolada Crown Série ST 3000-25, capaz de lidar com até 1.134 kg e funcionar em ambientes com espaços apertados, tais como mercados e lojas de varejo. A Crown ST 3000-25 está disponível na América do Norte e na América do Sul.