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Crow or Raven: How to Tell the Difference Between Them? | Animals-Pets

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Raven+vs+Crow | Abstract crow or raven in flight Stock Vector © Christos Georghiou ...

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Crow or Raven? The crow's tail feathers are basically the same length, so when the bird spreads its tail, it opens like a fan. Ravens, however, have longer middle feathers in their tails, so their tail appears wedge-shaped when open. Listen closely to the birds' calls. Crows give a cawing sound.

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Crow Raven Stained Glass Birds Suncatchers Gothic Halloween Pagan Wicca Handmade in Canada Christmas Original Design©

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Did you know that Ravens not only remember people who help them, but also that they tell their friends about the kindness? In field studies, researchers have observed that whenever a human assists a raven or crow in trouble, the entire community of these corvids, not just the bird that was helped, becomes generally friendlier toward and more trusting of the human benefactor. Smart birds indeed!

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