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Developing Self-Regulation Assessment and Interventions for Strengthening Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents training seminar by Cross Country Education Seminars-develop+developing+self+regulated+self%2Dregulated+learner find training seminars workshops conferences on


How a coach inspired his athletes to let it go

Such a powerful way to help your kids overcome believing they aren't fast enough, smart enough, good enough. This exercise could be used by teachers, coaches, and parents.


Small arena, small budget, cool jumps! 8 jumps in a 60'x120' arena while still leaving room for 20m circle and quarter line work. DIY jumps made from warped cracked 4x4's in the wood pile, dollar store flowers and oops paint. Two "cross country" jumps are placed where the gate panels have been moved back...jump out of arena gallop barnyard and jump back in! #horsejumps #jumpcourse #diyjumps


Sukari Keetin

If you've ever considered what it might be like to move cross-country for a new job, Sukari Keetin can give you some insight. In fact, she can teach you how to move across the country for a new job and carve out a freelance career simultaneously under the name RRADISH Studio. And how to make new friends, grow your professional network, and embrace a new culture in a totally foreign city...well, you get the idea. | Career Contessa


Earn $10 referral fee for any therapist you refer (referral fee paid after therapist has attended the seminar) ADL & IADL: Evidence-based Evaluation and Intervention - live seminar will be held in Miami, FL. Instructor presents the same course with Cross Country Education as well.