Crocus  - popping their heads up, means Spring is right around the corner.
Planting Crocus bulbs in lawn ~ my step-grandma did this with one in the centre, with a circle of bulbs around it- she planted all white.  Perhaps I'm easily impressed, but I thought it was so pretty.  The lawn is ready to be cut by the time the crocus is done blooming.  Clever.
Astrantia & Dryopteris Plant Combination Astrantia & Dryopteris 'Plant Combination': Delivery by Crocus
FALL is the time to plant Spring bulbs.  Iris, Crocus, Tulips, Hyacinths  ECT
Saffron is an expensive spice, but it's surprisingly easy to grow saffron crocus in your garden.
"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson  Crocus.
Crocus Tommasinianus Roseus
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