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Monster-Size Marine Crocodile Discovered

Illustration of a crocodile The biggest sea-dwelling crocodile ever found has turned up in the Tunisian desert. The whopper of a prehistoric predator grew to over 30 feet long (nearly ten meters) and weighed three tons. Paleontologists have dubbed the new species Machimosaurus rex and describe it Monday in the journal Cretaceous Research.

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Human Activity is Killing Off Half of the World’s Crocodiles ... "as much as half of all 27 crocodile species across the world could be gone thanks to us. The main threats to crocodiles worldwide are: “Land use changes, pollution, culling and feral animal invasions,” e.g. feral pigs who consume croc eggs. In some parts of the world, crocs are also still exploited for their meat and skin.

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Crocodile Fish by =Joerg-Lingnau Crocodile fishes, Cymbacephalus beauforti (Knapp, 1973), aka crocodilefishes, De Beaufort’s flatheads, Beaufort’s crocodilefishes, etc. are a mottled brownish gray species of flatfish with fluorescent green markings criss-crossing its body.

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speech 1 - Tarsiers in Bohol, Philippines - Endangered species. This photo shows the insensitivity of the "eco" resort who encourage tourists to disturb these highly nervous primates who sleep during the day and forage at night. Lack of sleep causes a disturbance in their normal patterns of behavior eventually leading to death.

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Dwarf Caiman - Paleosuchus palpebrosus Also named Cuvier’s Smooth-fronted Caiman, Paleosuchus palpebrosus (Crocodylia - Alligatoridae) is a small, South American caiman, found near rivers and...

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