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Welcome to my next Let's Read! This time, we will have a look at the latest D&D monster book. The D&D Monster Manual: The book sure looks gorgeous! But how are the actual monsters? We'll find out.


Phoenix Rising (part II) You're the taker of the love so saved a thousand years/ Oblivious as I lie here and drowning in my tears/ I'm your aegis when the wings of maelstrom take to flight/ To shield away the visions of a terrifying sight/ But I'm the Phoenix Rising Choosing sky within the fires/ I rise again unto the heights' celestial empires... -song by K.C. Wayne


Decorate and give your personal space some charisma by getting this poster of a legendary photograph of Bob Marley. This photo was taken by Kim Gottlieb in July in the midst of the Golden Age of Reggae, for the cover shot of High Times magazine. Th