At the bottom of a shadowy lane, the little house still stands, although, long since abandoned. Over the years it has gained a spooky reputation. People unfortunate enough to have to pass by, especially at night, report hearing strange voices and even stranger music coming from inside, and gaslights have been seen burning on dark, winter nights. Shadowy figures often appear standing at, or looking out from behind dark windows, watching the passers-by. And yet, no living being occupies the…

This spooky house is strangely beautiful to me.I guess I just see beauty in places where others do not :)

I love this. Think of the laughter and the heartaches these walls have heard

13 Dramatic Gothic Victorian Homes Part 2 Manoir-des-carpates Located in Mires Paris France, Is this abandoned beauty. It has been abandoned for some time now. It’s such a shame to see a home this beautiful, just left behind.

To live in an old Victorian house like this would be awesome...... As long as its not haunted :P

I want to own and live in a beautiful old home like this one. They have more character than new homes.

Hof van N. Villa NI believe that this beautiful villa is only still standing because of the enormous ivy that's has grown over the whole house.

Forgotten Staircase, Romania

Abandoned palace in Poland. I want a spiral staircase with all that ironwork somewhere in my dream house. Love stairs like that

Abandoned house in the woods

The 40 Most Breathtaking Abandoned Places In The World

Real or not, this is my dream. One day I will own a creepy, beautiful house in the middle of the woods.

I have the urge to buy an old abandoned mansion and slowly fix it, one room at a time.

I have this thing for abandoned buildings, castles, houses etc. I feel like there's so much story in every corner Awesome!