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Meet Frank Gaffney, who is by multiple reports a national security adviser to Donald Trump’s transition team. Gaffney was: … a Pentagon official during the Reagan administration and a founder of the Center for Security Policy. Mr. Gaffney has...

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Doing This With Your Credit Cards Could Keep You From Getting a Mortgage

Doing This With Your Credit Cards Could Keep You from Getting a Mortgage -- The Motley Fool

from The Credit Solution Program

Collection Agencies May Be Using Your Credit Information

Collection agencies can access your credit scores and reports without your knowledge or permission. Find out what your rights are what you can do.

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11 Credit Myths (and Some Tricks I've Used to Increase My Score

We’ll start with a handful of myths that Experian recently dispelled (they’re one of the largest credit reporting agencies), and then I’ll spill the tricks my wife and I personally used to get our own scores pretty high too

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Free Credit Repair Sample Letters for 2016

Sample credit repair letters that can be sent to credit bureaus, collection agencies, creditors and others when repairing your credit. Get your sample dispute letters, validation letters, ‘pay for delete’ letters, cease & desist letters, goodwill letters, and ChexSystems letters here.

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Where To Dispute Your Credit Report Online

It has never been easier to dispute incorrect information on your credit reports online. You are now able to dispute information to all three credit reporting agencies online. We will provide you with instructions for each reporting agency below.