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How to Fix Your Own Credit. Never sign up with a "credit repair" service. They rip you off and don't do anything you can't do yourself. I've written a book ( about this, but some people prefer the picture to the (18) thousand words. This is for all the visualizers!


A professional credit repair company can help you get out of the mess by giving expert tips and advice, Benefits of using Credit Repair Services.

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Use a Goodwill Letter To Remove Late Payments from Your Credit Report

Late payments can be damaging to your credit, especially if you stop paying your loans for an extended period of time. We've already gone over the repercussions of delinquency and defaulting, but today, we're going to take a look at another method of repairing your credit report.


11 Strange but Effective Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Improving credit score is important since credit score affects your financial products such as loans, home buying qualification, etc. Here are 11 ways to improve your credit score.