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How a photograph on PayPal shows the end for cash

How a photograph on PayPal shows the end for cash The days of fumbling for cash or trying to remember a credit card pin number could soon be over – a new service from payments company PayPal now means shops can identify customers and charge them via a simple photograph.

Thousands of Walmart customers have had their identities and credit card information stolen as criminals and thieves rigged Walmart checkout lines with credit card skimmers. While we’ve heard and seen how thieves can use any smartphone to steal your debit card pin number, these credit card skimmers are a whole other level of fraudulent activity. Credit card skimmers are small, almost imperceptible electronic devices that get placed on top of a credit card reader. When a customer swipes…

The ATM will only keep the card if its not a manual swipe. . But it will lock the pin use option {usually between 3and 5 trys} and will potentially lock the credit portion if using a card with a cc logo


A team of security researchers in Germany found that any card data may be stolen right off the terminals designed to protect it. This risk can not be easily fixed. Not only customers but shops can find this technology turned against them. The German researchershas discovered a way to steal payment card data from terminals without the need for a skimmer or POS hardware thats been compromised. The researcherswere able to do it over an ordinary WiFi network. When a Russia Today reporter paid…

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How to Change My Debit Card PIN Number

April is National Financial Literacy month in the United States, an ideal time for students to learn some of the money management skills needed to navigate the ‘real world.’ To help teachers build financial management curriculum in their classrooms, Wings Financial Credit Union has partnered with Banzai to bring a free program to interested schools in many parts of Hennepin, Dakota and Ramsey counties.


Easy as 1234: the most popular PIN codes revealed

A Chip and pin machine - Credit card fraud at supermarkets increases as financial crisis bites


How to Get Your Pin Number for a Visa Credit Card

Turkey imposes restrictions on credit card use Around 25% of Turks now carry 2 debit cards, they are being used more frequently, and the most common purchases are groceries and gasoline.

JD card is a cheap call access service to make a cheap international call. You do not need calling cards, pin numbers, cash to pay online, credit cards or registration. Unlimited calls to 50 destinations for just £10.

New Trial SunTrust Bank Branch! The new features a fully automated safety deposit box system which lets customers access to their valuables by using their debit card, pin number, or hand scan. Read more at

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Dear Santa, just leave your credit card under the tree