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How do you start your stories? Give your kiddos some inspiration and some options! Have them choose a topic and make a different opening that follows each one of these suggestions.

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Paragraph Reminder~ This is great for students who are beginning to write multi-paragraph narratives or essays. Simple, clear, and helpful!

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Make A Writing Jar (Plus 101 Prompts to Fill it

This is such a fun way to get your kids writing! These prompts are great, creative, and fun! The kids really enjoy getting to pick out of the jar!

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Picture Books That Demonstrate Narrative Writing

If there's one subject that seems to befuddle homeschoolers more than any other, it's writing. I hear it during homeschool consultations and casually talking among homeschool friends, and I see qu...

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How Many Obstacles are on the Hero's Journey?

There are HOW MANY Obstacles on the Hero’s Journey?! Nothing is ever easy for the hero! On the monomythical Hero’s Journey, the main character must endure a “Trail of Trials.” There are an average of 15 obstacles in the middle of the first books of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Twilight.

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