All I did in my Spanish class during high school was write! We practiced and praticed and praticed, but it was only ever read by 2 people: my teacher (who circled all my errors) and me. My classes …

All I did in my Spanish class during high school was write! We practiced and praticed and praticed, but it was only ever read by 2 people: my teacher (who circled all my errors) and me. My classes …

Chispas – Authentic Resources | Creative Language Class

An awesome authentic reading resource! I feel like I hit gold. Now what do the students do with it to show their comprehension and to learn new vocabulary and structures?

Language: Spanish  Versions: PDF (non-editable)

Language: Spanish Versions: PDF (non-editable)

The Growing Room Ideas for teaching children writing creative story vocabulary spelling sentence paragraph words fun games

Sentence Writing - Expanding, adding who, what, when, where, why

an 8 x 11 sized "poster" created to help my second grade students to remember to write better sentences. It helps them to remember to include details in their sentences and try to paint a picture with words, including verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc.

Creative Language Class Introduction Idea: Beginning of school idea!

Creative Language Class Introduction Idea- 'me llamo' 'me gusta', for beginning of the year activities!

Bring the syllabus to life by wrapping a timeline around the room - each wall represents one year's goals

Signs to create a simplified proficiency rubric on your wall Language: English for all language classes + one word sign in Spanish for each sub level Versions: Keynote and PowerPoint (both ed…


First this happened, and then this.Classroom reality is that at least one student will be absent or in the office when I show a movie. The best way I’ve found to catch them up is this warm-up that I call “papelitos.