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Many people wonder if they should take their creatine before or after their workout. We try to find the right answer.

Since Arnie’s heyday there seems to be something almost sacred about chest day, as countless male gym goers look to build the kind of big pecs made famous by the Austrian Oak. A strong chest has become such a focal point of weight training that simply revealing to someone you’ve ever touched a...

The best time to take creatine is both before and after workout, 5g a day.

But how should you take creatine? Taking creatine before or after workouts is a hotly debated topic among bodybuilders.

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This is a GNC product that is used traditionally before workouts. It has a combination of NO2 for the pump, creatine for strength and Niacin for absorption. It does not give you that tingling feeling on your body like other powder pre-workouts (Beta-alanine), however I have seen results after using it consistently with training using one bottle of 180 tablets.

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In this video I demonstratate Before and after of my Creatine loading phase. I loaded with creatine monohydrate for a week and saw some good strength as well as size gains. This is the closest match we could find for the google suggested search phrase "benefits of creatine monohydrate". If you would like to sponsor this page and provide more information on this topic then please contact us. Try our Dynamic Search In Place

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