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from The Branded Solopreneur

The 5 Most Effective Types of Color Palettes For Branding


Some blogs are built on a topic. Some on a name. Some blogs are born out of struggles and hardship. Others are a strategic business investment. But all of them need… A way to stand out. Logo design...

from Spruce Rd.

An inside look at how I designed my e-course

How I designed + created my e-course | Spruce Rd. Sharing the valuable resources and tools that I used to design my e-course. Everything from which platform to use, designing the logo and promoting the course.

from Join the creative side

5 steps for a killer logo design [+FREE WORKBOOK

Join The Creative Side | 5 steps for a killer diy logo design. A logo says something about a brand. A brand with a well-designed logo looks more professional will be taken more seriously, and it will build a higher engagement. In this blog post I will teach you 5 steps you need in order to create a killer logo design for your brand. And this blog post also comes with a FREE workbook.


Mucha Lucha by Bradford Maxfield. This is a poster that I created for my company Estudio Bradlio. It's based off of my Logo design. Mexican culture has always been a big influence in my work since I grew up in El Paso, TX. Mucha Lucha has a couple of meanings, "a lot of wrestling" but it can also mean "A lot of hard work." I can attest to the latter.


My students enjoy creating and designing their own logos for sports/soft drinks. I give them each a can template to make displaying them more unifom. We discuss logos, lettering, and focal point.