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create graphs online-Students can use this to create graphs online which incorporates technology rather than just by hand.

7 - Sample Chart generated by Create a graph online quickly. Create bar graphs, line graphs or pie charts. Simply choose your settings, paste your data in the Chart data area and hit the create button. Visit the menu section if you need more specific chart settings. You can also use and modify existing graphs from the graphing example section.


Larry Ferlazzo's blog post 'The Best Tools to Make Simple Graphs Online' provides brief explanations and links to the best online tools for presenting data and information. The tools he suggests allow data to be presented in the visual form of charts, graphs and maps and are suitable for all ages. The Australian Curriculum: Technologies, Digital Technologies strand encourages students to create graphs to represent data.

1 .../nceskids/createagraph/ Students can create graphs online and download. No sign in.

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Create-A-Graph cards and video!


Creat an online chart using Pick your settings, paste your data and click the create button.