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Cream Kids Curtains

I love what they have done with the pom poms on the bed frame, would like to so somthing similar on mine

from Parents

Fun-O-lympics! 6 Olympics Party Ideas

Divide players into teams of two. Start a one-minute timer. Pairs must get a shower cap onto one teammate's head and cover the cap with shaving cream. Then the capless teammate, standing behind a tape or rope line a few feet away, tries to throw cheese puffs into the shaving cream. The team gets a point for every puff still on the cap when the minute is up.

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Frozen Yogurt Buttons

Making your own Frozen Yogurt Buttons is a good way to save money and always have a fun treat for the kids!  Like my Soft Serve Banana Ice Cream.  Again on

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The One-Month Remodel: A Catskills Guesthouse by Jersey Ice Cream Co

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21 DIY Ways To Make Your Child's Bedroom Magical

I LOVE this idea for above my bed...and with white or cream colored curtains...Anne, you could totally go with black curtains and fairy lights...just sayin!