After a crazy night of scary storms & waking up to no power & the news that the power might be out until Sunday, I am SO thankful for sunshine!! Farm life is a little more difficult with no power, but we will survive... I mean, our house was built in 1840 so I'm pretty sure they did it the hard way back then right? Happy Friday friends! Be sure to say thank you for your electricity today! #whitecottagefarm Ps. I blogged about a miscarriage that didn't happen today, I think you might enjoy…
35 Pics Prove There's a Little Animal in Each of Us -

35 Pics Prove There's a Little Animal in Each of Us -

With fall sports season in full swing, our evenings are sometimes always hectic. Back in July when I picked up my 40 pounds of Zaycon ground beef, one of the recipes I made and froze was a simple meat loaf. It makes dinner time on crazy nights a piece of cake. I just throw the …

Simple Meat Loaf

Those 8 crazy nights are just around the corner.

This found-objects decor will make your space sparkle with that Festival of Lights glow.