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Crazy, but true. I read about them on National Geographic. Their hearts weigh as much as a pound! Total weight 400,000 lbs!

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15 Viral Pinterest Photos That Are Actually Fake

It's actually photoshopped if you look at the white part it's purple because red and blue paint mixed

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Selfie People - are more "dangerous" than sharks! - It DOES NOT Surprise me! WTF? weird & useless facts!

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16 Crazy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind In One Sentence

You Don't Need To Spend Much Time Reading These 16 Short But Brilliant Facts - OMG Facts - The World's Fact Source

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This man got struck by lightning three times in his life - WTF fun facts

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Fake laughing - WTF fun fact

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WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts

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30 actual facts. ACTUAL facts! Pinning under "Mind Blowing" because these are totes mind blowing!!!

30 actual facts.

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