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First game I ever scored 100% completion on. Took some time and hard work... Well, it did when I was 14 anyway.

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For the Vintage Videogame Sunday me and bf are playing Crash Team Racing [again] and Final Fantasy VIII. <3

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Improbably handsome and extravagantly talented, François Cevert was, for his short life, the embodiment of the gentlemen racer, the spirit of which has inspired this season's RAKE collection. The heir apparent to his idol Jackie Stewart, Cevert refused to overtake his hero when they raced together in the thrilling Tyrrell team of the 1970s, knowing that the way you raced was as important as where you finished

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Joakim Bonnier - Sweden - 1956-91 - Maserati, Scuderia Centro Sud, Joakim Bonnier Racing Team, BRM, Porsche, Rob Walker Racing Team, Lotus, Brabham, Anglo-Suisse Racing/Ecurie Bonnier and Honda. He died in a crash at Le Mans in 1972

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You can exchange "Halo" with whatever game you want - this is still so true!

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